Key Rates and Resource Levels in Tax & Medicaid Law


Volume 2, Issue 1 April 1, 2019

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In this issue of the DiGiorgio Law Firm, PLLC Estate Planning Newsletter we highlight some of the key rates and resource levels in the Tax & Medicaid law which are in effect for 2019.

  1. Key Tax Rates in effect for 2019
  2. Top Marginal Corporate Tax Rate 21%;
  3. Tax Rates on Capital Gains: 0% for individuals with income up to $39,375 and couples up to $78,750; 15% for individuals up to $434,550 and couples up to $488,850; 20% for individuals over $434,550 and couples over $488,850;
  4. Top Income Tax Rates: 10% individuals up to $9,700 and couples up to $19,400; 12% individuals up to $39,475 and couples up to $78,950; 22% individuals up to $84,200 and couples up to $168,400; 24% individuals up to $160,725 and couples up to $321,450; 32% individuals up to $204,100 and couples up to $408,200; 35% individuals up to $510,000 and couples up to $612,350; 37% individuals over $510,300 and couples over $612,350;
  5. Standard Deduction $12,200 for an individual and $24,400 for couples;
  6. Federal Exemptions for Estate, Gift and GST Tax increased to $11,400,000 in 2019;
  7. Top Marginal Estate Tax Rate: 40%;
  8. Federal Gift Tax Annual Exclusion remains at $15,000;
  9. New York State Exemption from Estate Tax $5,740,000 as of January 1, 2019;
  10. Top Marginal NY Estate Tax Rate: 16%;
  11. Wages Subject to Social Security Tax in 2019: increased from $128,700 to $132,900;
  12. Medicaid Resource & Income Eligibility Levels for 2019
  13. Resource Levels for Chronic Care Medicaid (Nursing Home) $15,450 for the Medicaid Recipient & the greater of $74,820 or ½ of combined spousal resources up to $126,420
  14. Income for Chronic Care: $50 for the recipient and $3,160.50 for the community spouse;
  15. Resource Levels for Community Care: $15,450 Individual or $22,800 for a couple;
  16. Income Levels for Community Care: $859 Individual or $1,267 for a couple
  • Some Quick Facts about Deeds Transferred to Children with a Retained Life Estate
  • You retain the right to life use of the property;
  • Your children become partial owners on transfer;
  • The transfer may result in a period of ineligibility for Chronic Care (nursing home) Medicaid purposes if nursing home admission is required within 5 years of transfer;
  • If sold during life you children may incur a capital gain on their portion of the sales proceeds;
  • If sold during life your portion of the sales proceeds will be subject to spenddown for Medicaid purposes;
  • If held until death your children will receive a step up in basis for tax purposes
  • On your death, the transferred property will not be subject to probate and should not be subject to recovery for Medicaid purposes.

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